Seale Family Papers     1802-1803
Seale 1564 Warren Hastings Govr. General of India to J.Seale 2 January 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101716
Mrs. H. was too weak to write herself. She thanked JS for the present of an associate for their old Newfoundland dog. WH asked if JS could send the dog to the Green man and still in Oxford Street directed to the special care of Mr. Guy the waggoner.

Seale 1565 J.Seale to Warren Hastings Reply to 1564 3 February 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101717
JS hoped that Mrs. H's health would improve after the extremely severe winter. The dog Mufti would be delivered to the office of Gay's Waggon & directed to WH at Daylesford with an especial charge. His singular appearance & the honour brought to JS.

Seale 1566 J.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 8 February 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101718
Harriet mending, but not fast enough. She talked of setting out on her Journey that Monday to Dawlish & when the E winds quietened down, to Mt. Boone. Heard that John might be coming to Town but not from him. Good account of Mrs. Wolcots's son. Request to hear from Mr. Grant.

Seale 1567 C.Fanshawe to John Seale 16 February 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101719
Receipt for £80 Detained in Town till end of February. Looking forward to receiving the remaining £20

Seale 1568 C.Fanshawe to J.Seale 24 February 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101720
Receipt for £20

Seale 1569 John Charles Fanshawe to J.Seale 30 March 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101721
Rect. For JCF's Grandmother for £100

Seale 1570 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Monday   19thC
DHRG No. 101722
EMK would leave Peamore the next Monday. Mr. Lister informed her that Dr. Reynolds desired that HAL might have no interview with any friend or relation till she had been some days at Dawlish. She was so weak she could only whisper. Mr. Adams & Mr. Newman dined at Peamore that day. EMK heard that GK had had a violent cold a few days earlier. She saw Grandmother who was very confused. Report that Mr. K. was to be sheriff. He knew nothing about it. The Miss Rogers gave news of John's gaieties.

Seale 1571 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs (S) Seale Wednesday   19thC
DHRG No. 101723
GK left Exeter Tuesday for London travelling all night. EMK alarmed about Harriett's symptoms: a better account from Father that Sunday: glad Mrs. Fownes was better when he was in Exeter. EMK had not engaged SS's cook. Called at Kittery on the way to Peamore. Invitation from Mrs. F. to stay on returning home in about 10 days: good not to have to cross the water in the evening. Servant problem there so decided to go by Totnes. The Babe had a cold. GK sorry, unable to call at Mt. Boone before going to Town.

Seale 1572 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Wednesday   19thC
DHRG No. 101724
Arrived at Peamore Tuesday evening: saw Harriet at Newton with Mrs. & Miss Lister. Looking considerably better than when in Dawlish but had a little cough. Going one day a week with Mrs. Samuel to Dawlish & staying the night. Little GK slept most of the time travelling. He did not like the carriage shaking. Dull for Aunt in Dolly's absence. Dining in Exeter that day & Thursday. Mrs. & Miss Chalwich had left Exeter for London. Mrs. C. engaged a maid who missed them by a few minutes at Exeter & at Honiton. They had engaged another maid. Mrs. C's low opinion of London maids & London wages.

Seale 1573 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Dawlish Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101725
Arrived Saturday to dinner. Harriet still with unpleasant symtoms. Mr. Lister going to London, & Harriot going to Mt. Boone in about a fortnight. She wanted Gillard to sleep in her room and Tom to be with Elliot. Father to enquire about an ass. Uncle Hayne promised one but then with Regt. Unable to get asses milk. Maria unable to get housekeeper for SS. Harriet's cook with old Mrs. Lister while they were at Dawlish. SS could have John's when he joined her. SS's letter received by Mr. Rae. EMK returning to Peamore Monday & continuing her journey at once. H. to stop eating meat & to resume the blister Mr. Gap was sending and to eat fish & vegetables. Tom L's face much broken out.

Seale 1573/1 J H Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale Dawlish Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101726
Arrived this morning, return tomorrow with sister, better than expected. Return to Mt Boone Tuesday

Seale 1574 H.A.Lister to Mrs Seale 2 April 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101727
HAL better, still weak, since miscarriage. Mr. Gose allowed a little more meat so she had a bit of chicken. Not able to write much. Tom well. Mr. L. expected in a fortnight. Mrs. & Miss L. sent best regards.

Seale 1575 R.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 4 April 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101728
Due to Peace a week added to holidays starting Friday, a month less 2 days in all. Mr. Ragueneau not told where RHS was going for the holidays. Mama & EMK were asked to persuade Papa to allow him to come home in time to see the Dartmouth illuminations. Town dull. Any news of Charles or poor R.Puddicombe.

Seale 1576 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Monday   19thC
DHRG No. 101729
Happy to hear Harriet was better. Great faith in Bristol water. Did H drink asses' & snails milk & have a blister? What did Dr. Puddicombe say? EMK's cook a plague going out whole days. Mary had dressed the dinner otherwise EMK would have gone without. Mrs. Mervin said cook was honest & sober. Fearful of trusting the child with anyone local. Mary sulky & impertinant. Mrs. M. might leave London but would be back in Sept. Mr. Bond sorry not to see them. Little GK improved daily, quite well. Robert not well when with EMK.

Seale 1577 J.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 20 May 1802 Friday   19thC
DHRG No. 101730
Arrived 19 May by the Mail with Father, who went on to Town. Harriet looked better at pleasant lodgings on the hill. 2 Princes Buildings. Dr. Beddoes was glad she had come her disorder in early stages: he ordered her a little meat & lime water & milk for breakfast; pills etc 3 per day. She was not quite yet drinking the waters. Mr Lister & Mrs. Walcot went to see her son William who was well. Dr. Fox called & said the same. JHS intended to see the Miss Southcotes & Sir J.Rogers in Bath. Aunt to be told that Mrs. Hulls had no bonnets left of the sort sent to Miss Illbert, but she expected some from London so would send one to Fuge.

Seale 1578 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale 25 May 1802 2 letters?   19thC
DHRG No. 101731
Good account of HAL from SS & Aunt, had feared consumption. Little GK had infusion of the cow pack. Father hoped to come the next Monday. Roberts mistake, EMK etc. were unable to come to Eton ''Montern'' Was Charles going to sea again? Letter for Charlotte Fownes enclosed. Mrs. Mervin off to the country in a month, returning Sept. Bar of Linen sent in the ''Totness'' & the groceries in another ship. The Chelwiches called, not suited to a house, parting with their good servant from Honiton. EMK would have lided her. She had a good one from the Office - 8 guineas a year. Mary's wages to be raised to 8 SS to ask Mr. Kingston or Grant to purchase not more than 3 or 4 gallons each of brandy & gin at the Custom House sales 20/- per gallon in London 5th Fairness approaching.

Seale 1579 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. Adams 25 May 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101732
Good account of HAL. Sorry Aunt (Mrs. A) had a violent cold. Very severe weather. Little GK inoculated for the cow pox. Seldom had dinner with only GK: fewer friends visited EMK due to distance from London. Visitor, Mrs. Mervin: leaving London in about 3 weeks. Mrs. Champernowne came to London. 2 eye operatios returning to Devon the next week, her eye inflamed; emaciated. EMK etc. were going to Mrs. Somervilee Fownes rout thefollowing Thursday; Somerville brisker than ever. Regards to Mr. Adams & Dolly & Uncle Hayne if there.

Seale 1580 J.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 26 May 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101733
HAL no worse taking a very strong slow-working medicine. JHS was off to London that afternoon to apply for half pay, staying 4 or 5 days. He hoped to see Charles. SS was right to send C to his ship. She should not tell the Fanshawes. Doubtful if Capt. Hardy could discharge C if he was rated & on board. On 25 May JHS went into Bristol but could not find Sir John Rogers. Glad Aunt was better. Love to Dolly etc.

Seale 1581(First part by Harriet L) Thos Lister for Harriet. to Mrs. (S) Seale 30 May 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101734
If anything Harriet was slightly better than when she left SS. Not getting worse was a great point gained Dr. Beddoes thought. Thanks for excellent care of little Tom.

Seale 1582 Chas Fanshawe to J.Seale 31 May 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101735
CF assumed E.M.Kekewich & GK had informed JS of the receipt of Mrs. A.M. Seale's £50 arrears due at Christmas. 1801. JS seemed resolved to embarrass & perplex CF and son by refusing to pay their arrears & could thank himself for the consequencies of steps taken by CF for redrass.

Seale 1583 J.Seale to C.Fanshawe Answer to 1582 4 June 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101736
Upon hearing at the Rolls on 3 June 1802 a decreee was passed in favour of the Title so Business could be settled without JS being paid the sort of compliment CF was so kind to offer & without troubling outsiders.

Seale 1584 J.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 3 June 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101737
Saw sister that day. Sorry SS had found Aunt no better. If no benefit from Mr. Puddicombe, JHS Recommended Dr. Blackall. If she did not like anyone from Totness, she should try Exeter. Never saw Town so full, people so mad; masks, balls etc. every night. On 2 June going out to breakfast , in Cavendish Square, about 12 o'clock, met a masked man, Punch, returning from Bootles.. Father had got the Decree of the Master of the Rolls in his favour. JHS returning to Clifton in 2 or 3 days. Love to Dolly etc.

Seale 1585 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101738
EMK's & Aunt's letters to SS franked by Somerville Fownes. Harriet much the same. Astonished Mr. Lister offended at EMK's interference. He said what was untrue. John had come to Coventry St. that Thursday & to the play to hear Mrs. Billington & on Saturday to the Eton conservatory at the Crown & Anchor. He was to dine at the Taylor's that day Sunday in Burlington St. rain prevented EMK etc. going too. Little GK rid of Cow pack. GK getting an anodyne ??? for teething. Receipt for milk punch wanted Mary given warning, saucy & bad tempered but useful. Cook good. How were Aunt & poor Mrs. Scarle? Who did Mrs. ? EMK etc. & JHS were at Mrs. Fownes ''smart Party'' that Thursday and Friday. JS & GW sent love.

Seale 1586 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Thursday   19thC
DHRG No. 101739
EMK had got a frank but it seemed her reply to SS was blown out of the window. Dr. B(lackall)'s worsening opinion of Harriet's health. Thanks for ordering the Brandy etc. if not sent yet it should be cased. & for thinking of the bed tyes to go to 20 Guilford Street, date of moving unknown. Dining with Mrs. Taylor in Burlington Street calling on the Miss Rolles, the Savery's & the Cholwiches en route. John leaving for Bristol next day. John Fownes with EMK etc; house probaby let during the week. Request to post to Lincoln's Inn. 2d cheaper & see Mrs. J.Fownes.

Seale 1587 J.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 15 June 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101740
Uncertain if SS's letter was for JS or JHS. All her letters spoke of bad news about Harriet from Mr. Lister: how mad ; EMK would read all this. SS should write what she wrote to Harriet. JHS's new saddle & crop bridle was to be put on his little horse by Charles, who must set off for Clifton that Saturday morning. Grant could give him money for the return journey. JHS was going to Wales with a friend with gig & servant & would need his little horse. Charles must only have orders not to come home unless sent for. JHS in his journey saw Robert at Eton & gave him a good dinner & 1£

Seale 1588 J.H.Seale to Mrs. (S) Seale 16 June 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101741
Mr. Fanshaw's letter received, no need to say anything about it, as JS would be home shortly. Harriot slightly better. Charles would have to go to Exeter with the gig to meet Father that Saturday/. SS would see JS Sunday. JS arrived (in Bristol) unexpectedly 16 June & would leave that Friday. JHS hoped that Charles would bring some good caplin to Exeter & send them on to Bristol for Harriet. Going to Wales would be out of the question as Charles could not bring on the horse.

Seale 1589 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale 16 June 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101742
Very busy so fewer letters. SS's letters a great confort. A letter came for JS from JHS in Bristol, who talked of a Welsh tour with Capt. Bayley. Harriet had had a very painful operation. Father left for Bristol previous Monday. John Fownes not yet left his house. EMK etc. still at Islington, would take Mrs.Mervin's lodgings till they found a house or unfurnished lodgings. Had the beds & spirits been sent? Weather very hot. Little GK without his maid spent Monday with EMK at the Taylors. GK wrote at once to Capt. Dod, no reply, if none next day, GK would write again, ship might have sailed. How was Charles' lip? Letter from Charlotte Fownes received.

Seale 1590 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101743
Death of GK's brother after pain & misory for some time. Miss Brooks surely to be pitied. 10 years since Lewis went to live with them, 5 years engaged. Health an obstacle to marriage. EMK was with her every day since. The funeral was to be the following day & the burial at Hackney in the family vault. GK the only one available to arrange things. EMK had had no news of Harriet for a fortnight, presumably by that time at Mt. Boone. What was Dr. Parr's opinion? John Fownes had left his house so EMK etc. would move out. Glad that Aunt was better - how was poor Mrs. Searle? Miss little Tom.

Seale 1591 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Mid-July 1802? Wednesday   19thC
DHRG No. 101744
Sad account of Harriet, Dr's thought not a mis-carriage, not in the family way. Dr. Sedder's believed being pregnant would have been good. Mrs. Tullett, for 9 months was just on meat but had a healthy child & was now herself- Mrs. James Buller with Templer had 7 miscarriages & dead children before she had a healthy child. Several lines un readable! Little GK rather poorly, ?? or worms? EMK etc. were leaving for Milman Street the following Friday. Any reply from Capt. Dod about Charles? GK had worries again. More un-readable

Seale 1592 (E.M.Kekewich) to Mrs. (S) Seale Monday 1802?   19thC
DHRG No. 101745
Good account of Harriet, hopeful the Plaister a success. Unable to come with Robert to Devon, looking for a suitable house. Mrs. Mervin's Sally was with them making quilts etc. ?? Making pillows etc. out of the bed tye. Hopeful of coming to Devon in Sept. Troublesome servants. The beastly maid from the Office left on Sunday. She refused her wages & chose her Father, a bad man, should have them. EMK found in the kitchen a bowl full of bits of Candles mixed with meat suet etc. which the servants intended to sell. Mary was working in the kitchen and Sally, Mrs. Mervin's maid, looked after little GK till his maid came. Betty's supposed father was going to Lincoln's Inn to receive her wages but GK wanted to pay her so she might come again. EMK was not taking Peggy, Mrs. Taylor's maid, she had Harriet's gold bracelets in her bag. Were they certain Harriet had miscarried?

Seale 1593 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Saturday 1802?   19thC
DHRG No. 101746
EMK tolerably well, had a miscarriage: probably not in the family way, hoped to travel to Devon in Sept. keeping Mary on, unpleasant as ever. Betsy took her wages having refused them the day before. The maid who left refused her's. Mary said that some servants in London did this and staying after their month's warning, could claim an extra month's wages & might take their employers to court. Sad Harriet's health not better when the plaister was applied. EMK would not make use of Mr. Lister's draft on his banker. GK recently took Robert's place in the Gerrards Hall coach. JS hoped to leave London on the 2pm coach, fare £1 -14=0, very moderate: he wrote to Robert to get on it at Slough. Tooth powder forgotten, sending it by Robert & arrow root for Harriet, good with brandy or milk. Tincture of phinobarb good after diarrhrea. Had Harriet miscarried or was she pregnant? EMK off to Richmond with Mr. & Mrs. Robert. The Fownes were coming to Town. Mrs. Somerville Fownes youngest girl poorly. Request for Mr. Kingston or Grant to get Brandy & Gin for Mr. Robert Kekewich. .

Seale 1594 Hy. Jodrell to Sir Paul Jodrell August 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101747
In spite of every application & exertion to the Court Director while Lord Dartmouth at the Board of Controul a total suspension of Barings took place & nothing was done about the late Nabob's affairs, as Mills the late chairman,, Metcalf a director, etc. assured HJ The right as to the Sucession was brought by Sheridon before the Commons just before the dissolution. Mr. Addington promised action early in the next Sessions. Lord Castlereagh succeeded Lord Dartmouth at the Board of Controul. He had married Lord Budrinngham's daughter, having a connection with Lord Hobart should help Sir PJ. HJ was a M.P> for Bramber, Suffolk, on Lord Calthorpe's Interest. HJ was to marry the eldest Miss Wayland is well provided for. Her father inherited about £100,000 from Miss W. a ????? at the Bank. HJ fortunate to have found the house in Welbeck Street. Doing many alterations at Bayfield. Lady J. & Paulina were well.

Seale 1595 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Tuesday August 1802?   19thC
DHRG No. 101748
JS's letter brought hope that Harriet had comfort from the Plaister. Had she taken her pills? The printed instructions written by the late Mr. Brown stated that the plaister might bring on itching, which Harriet had found and perspiration. EMK had met people who knew Mr. Brown & witnessed the good effect. The plaister should retain its virtue for 3 or 4 months. If her cough had not increased it could be due to the plaister's good effect on the lungs. Good account of little Tom. Little GK had left off his cap & was bathed every morning. She could not conceive where Father was.

Seale 1596 J.C.Fanshawe (concerning Mrs. A.M.Seale) to J.Seale Rec’d ?3 August   19thC
DHRG No. 101749
Messrs. Patch & Peppin declared that all danger of mortification was ended. A long continuance not to be expected. They suggested she would go off quite tranquil in her usual type of lethargy. Father wished to receive a remittance from JS on her part as soon as possible.

Seale 1597 J.Seale to J.C.Fanshawe Reply ?4 August 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101750
Glad that the Surgeons had relieved Mrs. A.M.Seale of the expected danger, but JS did not think she would recover because of her considerable degree of weight & lethargy.

Seale 1598 E.M.Kekewich to J.Seale Thursday 1802 August?   19thC
DHRG No. 101751
Unhappy at news of Harriet, with no hope of her recovery. Well founded idea that she was in the family way in which case she had a good chance. Harriet thought she was in the family way at Bristol. Hopeful of seeing JS before mid Sept. Dining with Robert K. to meet Admiral Dod whose son arrived at Newfoundland.

Seale 1598-2 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Thursday 1802 August?   19thC
DHRG No. 101752
Very happy to hear that Harriet was in the family way which EMK long suspected. Longing to have it confirmed. She looked forward to seeing SS etc. very soon. Little GK was quite well.

Seale 1599 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. (S) Seale Wednesday 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101753
In the midst of packing, leaving early Thursday arriving at Mt. Boone Saturday night. SS could have Mary, who had lately behaved very well, while EMK etc. were in Devon. Otherwise Mary could be left at Newton with friends. The other very good Devon maid could take it in turns at Newton. Unwilling to part with either. Mr. Lister's commision had been executed.

Seale 1600 John Charles Fanshawe to J.Seale 23 September 1802 Imminent death of Mrs. A.M.Seale   19thC
DHRG No. 101754
Imminent death of Mrs. A.M.Seale. Mr. Peppin's had been that morning. Almost cruel to prolong her days. Farrier called 17 September to say that the horse was fit to be removed.

Seale 1601 Will Sir Paul Jodrell Executors:- Jane (Lady) Jodrell, R.P Jodrell H.Jodrell Calverly Bewicke of Northumberland Capt. Webb. W. Indies 6 October 1802 codicil ? October   19thC
DHRG No. 101755
Principal beneficiaries, Lady Jodrell & Paulina & their Heirs. If they should fail the Richard Paul J. & Henry J etc. 3000 Star Pagodes for Aurora Roshawn ty, daughter of Roshawn Bebe a Moor Woman. Codicil:- £2000 ''to James, the son of Catherine Cummuings now the wife of Walter Chelanel'' Provided he reached the age of 16.

Seale 1602 E.M.Kekewich to Mrs. Seale Oct.- Nov. 1802? Thursday   19thC
DHRG No. 101756
Just arrived, good journey, little GK travelled well. Relieved Mrs. Mervin of Robert, her charge. No lodgings so going to Norfolk Hotel, Surrey Street. Letters to go to 20 Giuldford Street. Very uneasy about Harriet, more from her symptons when EMK was at Dawlish than before. She had hoped that Harriet would then have been ordered to Bristol. She feared Harriet's lungs were affected.

Seale 1603 J.Seale to Mrs. Carteret Death of Harriet December 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101757
Harriet Lister died in the morning of 4 December 1802 after a long and painful illness.

Seale 1604 J.C.Fanshawe to J.Seale December 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101758
The death of Harriet was in some way a happy release. JCF hoped that Mr. Lister was as well as could be expected.

Seale 1605 Rob Fanshawe to John Seale December 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101759
Mrs. Fanshawe & family joined RF in condolences for Harriet's death. Consolation derived only from pious resignation to the Will of God.

Seale 1606 Capt. Ph.Carteret to John Seale 9th December 1802   19thC
DHRG No. 101760
Condolencies on the death of Harriet. Her virtues ensured that she would be where ''the Good can never die''. Once similar occasion PC found consolation by reading the Book of Job and the whole of the New Testament.

Seale 1608-02 J H Seale to Mrs Seale 2 June 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101761
Rejoice to hear of Marias amendmant. JS intends that Marias native air should have the credit for her complete recovery. JS intended to accompany SS from London then.JS could supply his place in the carriage. JS was at Totnes races the previous Tuesday, never again. SS letter found at Mount Boone, sent on to Fuge. ? was to be remembered before leaving Town. Delightful weather, people busy with the hay. Little Tom bathed every morning. Mr Lister complained again, he hoped SS would bring 6 boxes of Hendersons tooth powder, 32 or 33 Charlotte Street Rathbone Place & get JS some.

Seale 1608-03 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale wednesday 26 Jan 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101762
All well after the journey before the cold weather set in. Saw father Tuesday, we should be coming to M?ias that Saturday when the week he had for his lodgings ended. Mrs Fownes the only friend free from violent colds. Sophia Ilbert & Miss Marvin confined to the house. Mr & Mrs Fownes left town for Gravesend Sunday to embark for Lisbon; any benefitdoubtful. Received letter by Betty from Mr Lister in poor spirits, talked of being in town early March,not fixed if Tom went with him, Betty doing well. Should suit Maria. Eliza poorly. Weather so severe little GK cried with cold. Letters were to be directed to Mr Wilson's corner of Guildford Street, Grays Inn Lane as there is no number on Marias door.

Seale 1608-04 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Feb 3 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101763
Weather very severe since coming to town, kept Maria indoors Miss Rolle had just called. Father came Wednesday, willing to have groceries of Maria. Sorry no suitable servant found for JS. Eliza have recently very giddy, neglected the child as she had at Mount Boone about a washing him, so Maria gave her affections. Mrs ? cold better.? Took Tea Tuesday with Maria, Mrs. Somerville Fownes, looked very well; like Maria she expected to be confined mid May., Maria saw Mrs. Lateral that Sunday, they were all well. Heard of the John Fownes sailing from Gravesend, but Mrs. JF had taken cold and was worse. Did Maria’s aunt have a pleasant time at the Sandwich and Marley where did she get her shoes? Maria is unlikely to find this ? at home. Uncle Hayne soon going to Bath. Instructions for boys come by sea soon. JS asked to speak to Jenny Lang about Marys feathers.

Seale 1608-05 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale Thursday 19th Feb 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101764
Sorry JS was in poor spirits. Mary is some days well, some days poorly. Taking a new house, ready by Lady Day. If GS agrees for 7 years determinable after three if staying are not. Request to GS to have all PM Ks belongings packed and sent to Mr. Wilson’s, corner of Guildford street, Grays Inn lane. If Jenny Lane had not more than 17 lb feathers that was enough, it was for a servant's bed. Hopefully a good cook was found for JS. Maria not parting with Eliza who seemed good. Father carried off list of groceries to North. Maria did not say Mrs. J Fownes should? She thought JS had not answered your letter. Somerville great in his own opinion. J Fownes little boy probably at Chipton by then with a wet nurse. Little GK was well.

Seale 1608-06 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale 27th Feb 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101765
Good things sent by a Mr. Cole unpacked, Mrs. JS has to keep the damson cheese as Maria had enough of sweetmeats. Sorry Mrs. JS has no cook, Father unwilling to get one in London, to expesive advertising to risky. Mrs Kekewich had no cook, aprehensive of advertising. Betty suited Maria but she liked to finish early. So no good to Mrs. EJS with her large family, Maria had a violent cold. Mrs. Mervin promised help. The house was very new, on the other side of the road from Mrs. M and higher up then Mrs. MacLean’s, it should be aired by Lady Day in time for Maria’s confinement. Nurse not found. Betty was to make enquiries, little Granville never still. Father said he was spoilt but he was impatient with children. G was are still very bald, said papa & all gone when he wanted another sugar plum which GK gave him regularly. Mr. Lister rather better, had hoped to be in town in a month

Seale 1608-07 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale   19thC
DHRG No. 101766
Maria long answering letter, uneasy and feverish, probably not better until after her confinement. Eliza’s mother was in the house since the previous Monday. Three or four fires were kept constantly, drying very fast, so it was probably safe to move into the house in a few weeks. JS things all packed except the mattress. Jepson had heard from Mr. Lister, better in the warmer weather. Maria engaged Dr. Good of their Street well recommended. They were to see Robert on Saturday 2nd of April.

Seale 1608-08 J H Seale to Mrs Seale 30th March 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101767
Arrived quite well evening 29th of March. Maria very thin but better than expected. Little Granville very strong but not talking. JS liked the new house in Milman street, he could do with a better situation. Maria had her Dr. and nurse Mrs. Mervin drank tea that evening with Maria: she much approved of Dr. Goode, a very clever man. JHS came in the chaises with Mr. Adams and William Walcott as far as Bath and left them there. Chaises more pleasant than the coach. Mr. Adams expected the evening of March 31.

Seale 1608-09 E M Kekewich to Mrs Seale 1st April? 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101768
John arrived in town that Tuesday, much better than when seen at Mount Boone. Maria had been extremely unwell so had sent for Mr Hall who advised her to leave off wine and animal food, which she did by degrees and was better but needed Devon air to get really well. Fever much lessened but still had Catarah. High opinion of Mr. Hall. Much influenza in London and some of it seemed he had reached Devon. Mr. Adams arrived previous evening: GK got lodgings for him in Mailman Street. We are in GK or Mr. A lodged when Maria was in Devon. Mr. A go on that morning to see the Bishop and Mr. Taylor. The new house tolerably dry fit to move into in two or three weeks. John had father’s letter things all packed except the mattress.

Seale 1608-10 J H Seale to Mrs Seale 5th April 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101769
JHS letter delayed by Frank. Maria had a touch of flu. Fr Robert was with JHS that day, he was very well, so was JHS but he caught a cold 4th April. After what uncle (Haines) had said about North Devon Militia JHS would not have joined it if I’ve got into the regiment. Ld Barrington on 4 April said there was no vacancy. JHS would not apply to the war office. Mr. Adams and JHS word to dine 5th of April with Mr. Path. Old Burlington street. JHS and dined with Mr. Bentley, Sunday and would dine with the G. Taylor 6th of April and again 7 April when Mrs. Taylor had a grand evening party. He had not yet seen Carteret, the Duncan’s, the laterals, the misses a role for us or Lord and Lady Ribblesdale, who came to town 3 April. He refused Somerville’s invitation to dine on a Sunday. JHS never wrote copper plate his pen was like a wooden skewer.

Seale 1608-11 J Seale to Mr George Prideaux for Robert Newman Shipbuilder 27th May 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101770
At the end of release two RN of Quay’s at the dock, JS building of stone and brick etc should be left free of expenses for JS, but not those built by RN. Wooden coverings should be of value for RN and paid for by EJS or removal by RN, 1 June 1803, RN given a receipt for £62.00 10 shillings deposit for security of quarterly rent.

Seale 1608-12 J Seale Receipt 4th June 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101771
Received of RN £36. 10 shillings allowed him £6.00 for Lime and stone making £62.00 10 shillings and being ¼ year’s rent for sandquay until the 1st April 18O3, let to him four a term of years from the 1st January, 1803. Agreement by him to leave ¼ year’s rent in advance of security.

Seale 1608-13 J Seale to Robert Newman delivered by Smelling 7th June 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101772
Notice to quit possession of Sandquay at the end of three years from January 18O3. Held of J seale by a lease dated 1st of January, 1803.

Seale 1612 J H Seale to Mrs Seale 11th August 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101773
Concern for Maria. Arrived Monday night, and went too Falmouth to see Lord Rolle who wanted JHS company at headquarters there sometime. Regiment changed from all younger men to senior married fellow, food good Salmon fish, Turbot, red mullet and Lord Rs Venison and. Shooting licence from Eales wanted.

Seale 1613 J Seale N Snelling to Robert Newman Shipwright 31st August 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101774
True copy of notice left at RH house by HS material damage to slips & Quay at Sandquay by RN workman and articieans. Threat of legal action if not put right within 30 days.

Seale 1614 R L Hingston to J H Seale 23rd September 1803 Returned Bill   19thC
DHRG No. 101775
Request to know what answer to give to Ashburton Bank concerning retained bill.& note to accompany returned Bill

Seale 1615 J Seale to R Hingston 23rd September 1803 Reply to 1614   19thC
DHRG No. 101776
Bill returned. RH kept it too long without offering it for acceptance of our payment. JS have lost the whole amount on a similar occasion a previously

Seale 1616 Robert Newman to Messrs M’Carthy & Brown Merchants 15th July 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101777
Bill for £62. 10 shillings returned with above. Pryce and Darlot public and notaries No 1 Sweetings rents Royal Exchange.

Seale 1618 Robert Newman to Messrs M’Carthy & Brown Merchants 23rd September 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101778
A copy of the bill by J Seale with doodles in pencil.

Seale 1619 Robert Newman Shipwright to J Seale 31st December 1803   19thC
DHRG No. 101779
4 June, 1803 received of RN £36. 10 shillings being a rent of the slipway and quays the dock. Yearly rent due at end of 1803 £250, deposit of £62. 10 shillings lodged in the hands of the settler to remain to to the end of term as a security.