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Baptist Church   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100030
History published in the 1950's

St. Petrox   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100031
A brief history.

Tithe rent charge claim by vicar of Townstal   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100032
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/014
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Meeting held. Present The Mayor, Aldermen Puddicombe, Cleland and Fox. Councillors Chalker, Hurrell, Egg, White. Wardens Ellis and Elford. The late Vicar of Townstal claimed a proportion of the Tithe Rent Charge of Townstal equivalent to tithes of pigs, geese, butter and cheese.

Report – In 1839 the whole of the Tithe Commutation Charge was awarded to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough and confirmed in 1840 and this should not be disturbed.

The Council have deeply mortgaged the Tithe Rent Charge.
The Vicar claims on behalf of: -
The Church
The Patron
The late Vicar
His successor
The Parishioners

The committee’s remarks.
In 1837 the Council sold the advowson on condition that they retained the tithes. No offer of compensation has been suggested by the Vicar.

Churches in Dartmouth   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100033
Churches and Religious organisations in Dartmouth view document

St Clements Craftsmen   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100034
Summary of artists, sculptures, stonemasons and manufacturers who have worked on St. Clements church.
(excluding General Printers and Publishers).

St Clements Church Memorials   Property      Religious
DHRG No. 100035
List of names on Memorials Slab Etc within the church.

38 Newcomen Road (Deeds)   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100037
Deeds for 38 Newcomen Road (once owned by Dr. McConaghey).

Orleans, 24 Southtown   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100038
Deeds for ''Orleans'' No. 24 Southtown.

4 The Quay, a Town House   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100039
A Devon town-house of 1664. A detailed document of the building which has a mixed Residential and Comercial use.

Hawarden, Summary of Deeds   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100042
Summary of Deeds relating to Hawarden when in the ownership of Thomas Wilton.
See also DHRG publication No 19.

Deeds etc. deposited in the Museum by Mrs Lambert   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100043
Document Held: Dartmouth Museum.
Indenture made in 10/1/1828 between Sarah Dashper & Robert & Arthur Holdsworth.
Schedule of indentures dated 1718, 1728, 1746/7, 1802 giving names of previous owners including Newton, Francis Lydston, Hicks, Newcombe, Polly Gundry, Abraham.
List of Indentures of sales from 1735 to 1880
List of documents relating to Kelly's Gift (Trust) from 1635.

Westbourne, Vicarage Hill   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100045
Summary of deeds of Westbourne.

Summerland Browns Hill   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100060
A collection of deeds re house and gardens called Summerland at Browns Hill 1728 to 1864.

Conveyance of property in Lower Street   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100066
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/001
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Mr Robert Cranford to the Dartmouth Local Board of Health. £475 from Board of Health for 2 houses near churchyard on the west, a public street and premises owned by John Strike, innkeeper. On north partly by a public street and partly by public steps lately converted to a slopeway from New Quay to the church. On east by street leading to Lower Street. On south by lands of Robert Luke, previously in the possession of Pegg Maddick and Margaret Stephens or tenants and then Wm Ash Hawke, Gge Walter Bodley and Thom Lear as tenants. Premises lately taken down to improve and widen the streets.

Conveyance of House in Pillory Lane   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100067
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/007
Document Held: DRO Exeter

£70 paid to Robert Cranford by Town Council acting as Urban Sanitary Authority.

Treasurer – Richard Webber Egg
Mentioned;- Alexander Ridgeway
Public Health Act 1875

Dwelling bounded south side of Pillory Lane on north and east by dwelling property of Trustees of the Borough, on the south side by property of Alexander Ridgeway Esq, on west side by piece of land formerly a house taken down by Council for widening highway.

Valuation of the dwelling house late Lakes   Property      Residential 19th Century
DHRG No. 100068
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/009
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Oaths made by;-
Henry Joseph Holdsworth Esq – Mayor,
Robert Efford – Builder and Appraiser,
William Adams – Builder.
Visited the dwelling house in possession of Messrs Harris & Co and John Jennings to survey and estimate.
Valued at £20 per annum (rent), £350 for the term of 79 years. For further information for documents in this series see 103051 Guildhall Documents 1.

Sale of Seale property to H Mair. 1864   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100069
Document Held: Routley Family.
Sale of property by Henry Seale to Hugh Mair April 1864
This Indenture list many Dartmouth property’s sold by H Seale to Hugh Mair & possibly marks the ending of the Seale families affair with Dartmouth after several centuries. Also given are details of the occupants at that time. PDF File.

13 Clarence Hill   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100071

Assignment of Title of 1 house at New Quay   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100072
Document Number: TO/Ad/LE/026
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Mary Bastard, widow/executrix of John Bastard, to Thomas Lake pawnbroker(?), the western one of 2 houses near New Quay, including ground floor shop and office, for £177-10-0. Premises lately rebuilt.

Previous owners or adjoining owners referred to were Elizabeth Pottin, Staplehill, Adams, Roger Bidgood, Honor Hawkins dec’d.

Assignment of Lease of land at Mill Gullet   Property      Residential
DHRG No. 100073
Document Number: TO/Ad/LE/027
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Assignment of Lease of land at Mill Gullet for up to 4 houses, by Thomas Bartlett Codner, Master R.N., and Joseph Lidstone builder to William Gregory victualler, 29 July 1856.

Land measuring 74 ft. e-w. and between 27 ft. and 56 ft. n-s, bounded by house/garden of Charles Campion Jones, highway and millpond.

Consideration £250 plus £175 = £425.