Seale Family Papers     1805
Seale 1695 Mr. & Mrs. S.Seale to Mr. & Mrs. Bond & their friends. Rough Draft most crossed out 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101856
Invitation to dinner either on the following Thursday or Friday. All crossed out.

Seale 1696 John Seale to Miss Paulina Jodrell   19thC
DHRG No. 101857
Hard to be obliged when so little qualified to make up cordials to one who alone gave the wound & alone can cure----- '' I asked her what she had to say, she blushed & turned her head away me thought she said or seemed to say Wd. he were not so far away''

Seale 1697 Pauline Jodrell to John Seale 6 January 1805 Sunday morn.   19thC
DHRG No. 101858
Paulina urgently wished for an opportunity to answer JS's letter. In the midst of a crowd she lived in solitude. Mother dined with the Miss Rolles but she was confined then with a cold. She continued her studies, especially drawing, so Mr. Peggi was satisfied as was Mr. Gollard with her minuet, Jig & strathspey, & Mr. Evans with her singing. No plays or operas since JS left but would be going to Mrs. Adavis' smart party the next day. She looked forward to see the New Arcadia. Aunt should name her favourite spot Elyslum. Did Robert continue his flirtation with Miss Bond. Remembrance to him & Mrs. Adams. No News.

Seale 1698 T Lister to John Seale 6 January 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101859
Announcement of the intended marriage of Mr. TL to a niece of Mr. Sneyd. Probably at the end of January. Little Tom the nicest of all children. God knew when they could proceed Westwards. TL had heard nothing of Mr. K(ekewich) & Granville. Where were they. Glad to hear of John's intended marriage.

Seale 1699 T. Lister to Charles Hayne 6 January 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101860
Mr. Adams had given TL CM's address. TL was soon to be married to a lady called Grove, of tolerable fortune, beauty & worth. No doubt of happiness. Harriet was the best of wives. Little Tom the finest of all lads. Hopeful that CH could devote a furlough to a Staffordshire ??tour TL feared he could not live to see the end of the war. It was rumoured that Mr. Pitt would convert additional regiments into regulars.

Seale 1700 J. Seale to T. Lister Reply to 6 Jan. letter (1698) 13 January 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101861
JS wished TL & his good lady every happiness. No doubt all arrangements made. Longing to see little Tom. Hopeful TL & lady would soon visit Devon & Cornwall. John's engagement very agreeable. Presumed TL knew the history of GK: Adventurer having taken Granville from........ Mt. Boone

Seale 1701 Capt. P.Carteret to John Seale 17 Jan 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101862
After a very long cruise many letters had accumulated to be answered to different departments of Government. PC only had one small cabin, so he had to stop teaching Charles French & his own studies. He was able to give Charles leave of absence. In September 1804 they found a brig in the Passage called the Fresland ? between Holland & the Isle of Ameland. PC formed a detachment of 35 Officers & men which he would lead. PC told Charles to stay on the Scorpion. He begged to go with the detachment saying he could bayonet the raid shipmen of his size. PC at length relented. They boarded & carried the Brig without difficulty. She turned out to be the British Tar of Leith taken by the French in August. It was grounded so unable to tow her away. PC had to burn her. He expected to get to London in about a week when he could put Charles on the coach for Dartmouth or send him to Mr. Kekewich in Milman Street. He sent congratulations on his friend's recent marriage.

Seale 1702 Assignees of R.Newman Bankrupt. W.Bajerm Banker. W.N.Goodridge, Ropemaker, J.Newman, Grocer to John Seale. Surrender of a Quay, Cellar Rooms & C at Dartmouth. 26 January 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101863
JS by his Indentures of Lease 1803 unto R.Newman etc. all that quay bounded by the Bell in Sandquay & Cellar under the house occupied by T. Langmead, & free use of the Crane etc. for 7 years at a yearly rent of £250. R.Newman was declared bankrupt 15 September 1803 etc.

Seale 1703 John Seale Senior to Miss Paulina Jodrell 9 February 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101864
JS drank PJ's health on her birthday. Claim to be her Laureat.but powers failed. Mortified not to accept her mother's invitation.

Seale 1704 John Seale Senior to Miss Jodrell About 1804 or 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101865
The Parting. And thrice she wav'd her Lilly hand the tears in showers fall, And thus in broken accents spoke to the white surge below (5 more verses)

Seale 1705 John Seale to P.E.Jodrell   19thC
DHRG No. 101866
A young lady in parting with her lover And thrice she wav'd her lily hand and the tears began to flow, And thus in trembling accents spoke to the wild surge below. (5 more verses)

Seale 1706 C.H.Seale to Jno. Seale 2 March 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101867
John arrived after a tedious journey. Chariet left Mt. Boone that Wednesday; at Exeter that evening. Early morning in the Bideford coach: road & horses bad so he left the coach at Chimley & got the postchaise for Barnstaple, arriving ?? Late in the evening. Mr. Rudd was already there. He had left Tiverton. Most of his pupils probably joining him later. Request for

Seale 1707 J.H.Seale to Lady Jodrell 15 April 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101868
JHS uneasy that Mr. Jodrell would never hear of Paulina marrying with a jointure of only £500 per annum so delaying the marriage. JS hurt. most unjust:JS said he would settle a jointure of £1000 per annum in expectation of what Lady J had offered. If this did not come. JS could only provide £500 per annum. Lady J's letter shown to Norton friends. JS & JHS visiting Charles & in London in a week. Mother much better.

Seale 1708 J.Seale to Mr. Fanshawe Senior 17 April 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101869
…..Report without foundation. One of the surveyors was going immediately to the Dock. Hope that their son, the Captain, was safe & well. Best wishes of the season to Mrs. F & family.

Seale 1709 J.Seale to T.Lister 17 April 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101870
Delay & lack of what was owed due to extraordinary calls upon JS on account of JHS's intended marriage. JHS was just going to London, marriage probably soon. Regards to Mrs. Lister & Thomas.

Seale 1710 Lord Rolle to Capt ((JH) Seale 25 May 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101871
Lord R was unable to make JS's request to the Commander-in-chief before His Royal Highness made his final determination where the Regiment was to be stationed in the summer. Hopefully on May 30.

Seale 1711 J. Seale to Commiss’ Fanshaw London 4 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101872
Announcement of the marriage of JS's eldest son to Miss Jodrell, daughter of the late Sir Paul Jodrell of the East Indies, a Norfolk family. JS was about to return to Devonshire.

Seale 1712 J.Seale to Mrs (Mary) Adams 4 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101873
9.30am JS waited on Lady J & met Mr. & Mrs Henry J. Col & Mrs Bewick;, & so to Church. Everyone smiled with approbation except Lady J, with tears instead. Reception at Mr. & Mrs. HJ.s house. About 12 the couple went to Twickenham for a few days. Invitation to J.S. to spend a few days with them on his way home. Hope to arrive on the Tuesday. J.S. called on Mr. Taylor who had just recovered from a bowel complaint.

Seale 1713 J. Seale to Thos. Bond 4 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101874
JS could not doubt that Mr. B had the earliest intelligence of the union between JHS & Miss Jodrell that morning. JS felt great pleasure & so it seemed did all around. JS would hasten his return.

Seale 1714 J. Seale to Chas Hayne 4 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101875
Great pleasure felt at the union of CH's nephew John S & Miss Jodrell that morning & the approbation of all.

Seale 1715 J. Seale to (Almost certainly) Mr. Taylor 4 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101876
JS's eldest son was that day married to Miss Jodrell. JS expressed his entire approbation. He & the young couple had put up their compliments in a box to Mrs. Taylor.

Seale 1716 Pauline Seale to Lady Jodrell Jun 17 1805 Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101877
Visit to Windsor; delay at Houndslow, lack of horses. John ?? To see the Bank. No ??? 61 the (Eton?) boys that evening Sheldon invited to breakfast. Visit to Mrs. Bugwell. John's old Dame, now showed them around the College. Master Luttrell invited to dinner. Old lady, Miss Lewis from Exeter staying with Mrs. B. Visit to the Castle. Sheldon sent ????? Sally quite well, gone to see the Lions.

Seale 1717 Jane (Lady) Jodrell to John Seale 20 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101878
JJ returned to JS his letter to JHS last heard of in Windsor, both very inardentive in writing. JS gave up her Dartmouth house on 1 June. Sister ?? Was asked to take away the furniture she lent. JJ asked JHS to take her own things to Mr. Forda or if not needed soon to let her things remain in the house till JHS & pauline returned. She could not conquer her grief over the loss of Pauline.

Seale 1718 John Seale to Lady Jodrell 23 June 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101879
Always accounted lunatic for the 1st month before The Moon is out, the couple had not told JS where they were going or for how long. Mrs. S. had a letter from Southampton ?? ?? Lady J could consider the Dartmouth house as hers for June & July. JS & Mr. Bond could arrange about the fixtures to Lady J's satisfaction. PS 'They' had a 6 pm previous evening safe & well.

Seale 1719 Jane (Lady) Jodrell to John Henry Seale Saturday noon1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101880
Very glad to have John's letter etc. JS was very naughty after the couple left her, but her spirits were recovered. She dined at Mr. HJ's & had been most evenings with Mrs Yonge, who was gone to Kensington. A man thought very suitable for JHS, applied as a servant, had been with Lords de Clifford & Benwick. JJ was moving to George Street on Friday 26 June. The rent was as cheap as what Mr. Walters or Mrs. Woodmason charged. Nothing had been heard from Mr. Dennet.

Seale 1720 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell June 25 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101881
Arrived in time for dinner John gone to see Col.Hayne who had a sprained ankle. Note written to Mrs. Kekewich. Intended to write from Pool.Had Husband told if PS as chaperon to an elderly Miss on Windsor Terrace, or the ride thro' the New Forest. Much pleased with Southampton & Netley Abbey, where they had a boat and a basket of provisions. Rain on return. Best had not her habit. Glanville much grown.

Seale 1721 J. Seale Argument for the defendant on Newman’s case   19thC
DHRG No. 101882
Valuations at Sandquay. Very varied Mr. Tanner had gone to London, so endurance of his valuation not available. Mr. Efford's & Mrs T. Langmead's valuations about the same as Mr. T's (£82-15s-6d) but T.L after communicating with J. Rowe (plaintiff's counsel) increased his to about £114 (JR's estimate) The Sheriff would give judgement based on the agreement ?? Assignees etc. were to complete or get ready for launching the 2 vessels at Sandquay, without payment to JS etc. till 1 April & then pay £26 rent per month to 1 July or till they be launched. Unknown to JS the ships were taken to pieces & reassembled in William Newman's yard. Suppose A rented a stable of B in order to 'nick' his horse when done he could leave the stable and the rent would cease, before the end of his contract, but A then removes the horse with tail complete, so he should pay the rent for the whole period

Seale 1722 J. Seale—-Memo on The Newman Case   19thC
DHRG No. 101883
13 June 1805 not before Mr. Hoskin gave JS the surrender of the Lease? ? Date of Writ. ? What former defect made them relinquish the action & agree to Arbitration (1)Not true that J S. agreed to leave settlement of the Valuation to Langmead & Rowe. (2) Their valuation included lime & stone already paid for (3) Premises not delivered up to J.S.the Newmman brothers kept the Counting House locked. (4) One of the ships taken to pieces & still unfinished in Newman's Yard contrary to the agreement. (5) £82-15-6 offered by J.S. - J.Efford builder valued it at only £76 -0-0 (6) J.S offered to leave it to arbitration, they commenced a new suit. (7) They could not by right contend for £114 as they had since offered it for £100 (8) Mr. Goodridge, an assignee did not give his assent to the new action. (9) The material of the slips to be left entire and not charged to JS but they were included in the valuation. They argued that they were timber slips & not for launching ships -- ? Would plea allow the rent for the period to 1 July. --Mr. Bailey 4 July 1804 advised JS to plead the General Issue in which the whole of his case might be given Mr. Hoskin's estimate £82-14-5

Seale 1723 No Date Printed notice Copy moved from 103   19thC
DHRG No. 101884
LOST ON WEDNESDAY EVENING on the Ashburton & Dartmouth Road a Morocco Book containing Drafts and Bills £5 Reward

Seale 1724 J.Seale to Wm. Pullen Mr. Tanners Clk. 5 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101885
On bottom half of above(Seale 1723) Date 1803/1805
Receipt:- £131-1-0 half years rent of the Building yard late Newman & other premises. 2 July & also 1/- rent for the Buildings north of the Dart.

Seale 1725 Mrs. P. Seale to Lady Jodrell 14 July 1805 Sunday   19thC
DHRG No. 101886
Returning from church:- Miss Bond, John & Paulina with Charles behind in the Mt. Boone gig & then Robert on Crab the pony & Mrs. Adams, Miss Hawkins & Mrs. Seale in the Fuge gig. On Friday returned visits to Kittery & Greenway, only old Mrs. Fownes at home, Miss at Totnes Races, Mrs. Elton too ill for company. Saturday evening tea in the Wood with Mr. Charter etc. Mrs. C too ill, then dancing on the Green at the Battery to organ music. John Leaving 16 July with Charles. Letter received from Mrs. West, glad Lady Jodrell saw her PJ's dresses admired. Mrs. S tried on Miss Irvinn's hat. Aunt Hayne & Anderson well? Remembrances them. Mrs. Yonge & Jane. Any news of Mrs. Creland?

Seale 1726 J.Seale to J.Newman. Grocer Re.Materials at Sanquay 15 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101887
No reply to letter, JS presumed Mr Brutton was away.. JS would meet the case if brought to the Assizes. It would be settled by arbitration. He was sure Mr. Brutton & Mr Bridgeman could sort it out.Mr. Hockin, JN's agent, was told that JS was ready whenever the Arbitrators were appointed. He could not understand the delay. Mr. Bridgeman excused himself from neglect, he had been very ill. JS was ready to enter in Bonds of award to have the difference settled at Newton or better Dartmouth. JN or Mr. Brutton could give JS the ultimatum about proceeding.

Seale 1727 J. Newman to Jno. Seale 20 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101888
Letter received & given to Mr. Brutton, who had been away when J.N> saw J.S.

Seale 1728 Mr Brutton to John Seale 23 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101889
The Plaintiff's imprudently had consented to JS's request to refer the Quantum of their demand to arbitration, wishing to be paid that sum justly due to them, which had been fairly ascertained by two persons equally chosen by the parties. JS's attorney had disagreed.Mr. B. had only seen him for a minute or two on his travels to & from London. The assignees were absolutely driven to seek compensation for the property which JS was responsible to them in a court of Justice. Any further correspondence about this was useless.

Seale 1729 J.Jodrell to J.H.Seale 25 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101890
Charles & Lady J. sent good wishes. Henry J. saw Mr. Deinet, solicitor whose answer to JHS Lady J. intended to enclose later due is weight H.J. pleased at the account of the Indie affair, Lady J & JHS were lucky to have Mr. D., H.J.'s marriage settlement, a quarter as long as JHS's cost £110. HJ would see Mr. Hobhouse & he hoped the copy of the Deed by which the Commissioners acted, business should be started in 3 weeks or a month. HJ very interested in their Indian & personal affairs. The enclosed had just arrived with Injunctions to send on at once: Lady J. feared it was an order to join the Regiment. P's spencer & other things came 24 July so Lady J would keep them till she knew where to send them to Bristol or Mt. Boone. Thanks for dealing with rent & taxes. What was due for Sally's expenses? Lady J etc. would dine with Mrs. Mervin on 26 July.

Seale 1730 From J. Brutton.Delivered to J.Seale by Mr. Hocki. Plaintiffs. W.N. Goodridge W. Baker J Newman Defendant J.Seale 31 July 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101891
Notice delivered to JS by Mr. H. from Mr. B. stating that the plea was withdrawn, but the briefs were prepared so little of the expense would be saved. Assizes were due to be held at the Castle, Exeter on Monday 5 August. The Indenture of lease of 1 January granted by JS to R.Newman since bankrupt, of Sandquay & Cellar there under the house then in possession of 33? Langmead with use of a crane & liberty to lay timber on the south side of the quay etc. for 7 years, must be produced as well as a Deed Poll of 26 January 1805 being the surrender by the Assignees of the same for the residue of the 7 years to JS etc. Signed the 29 July 1805 by John Brutton, attorney for the Plaintiff's.

Seale 1731 (Mrs) M.Adams to Lady Jodrell 1 August 1805 (Index 107)   19thC
DHRG No. 101892
Changing house & delay of workmen caused the late answer to Lady J's letter; house not yet ready so Mrs Bond invited MA to Norton. Paint smell prejudicial. Mr & Mrs Seale had dined with them that Saturday; a happy marriage. MA happy to give them advice. Feared military life was not good for John's constitution; he promised to quit when he found any inconveniency from it. Mr & Mrs Seale were going to the Sands for a few months before going to their new home. Mrs Bond told MA that Lady J's affairs would be settled soon. MA invited Lady J to stay with them before settling in her house. Mr A & Miss Hawkins sent regards. Paulina was certainly in the family way.

Seale 1732 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 12 August 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101893
Paulina pleased with the comfortable new lodgings, no bugs as in the last, poor Best's woefully bitten face; furniture clean, not smart, a quiet home, her husband much better, more exercise & society, always fidgety at Mt. Boone. 11 August on guard duty a second time. The General disapproved of one captain staying away too long so JHS returned that morning. Visits previous Thursday Mrs. Hippesley (not at home) & the Elfords, Mr. John Fownes called when Seale was on guard, sorry about that difference between them. He came the next day with spouse elect & her sister. Seale returned & all was well. Thanks for Lady J's advice about wine and food etc. Paulina would get her a straw bonnet for 15/- or 16/- (30/- in town). Account of proceedings since 4 June sent to Mrs. Treham. Johny come from Guard well & happy.

Seale 1733 J.Jodrell to Capt. (JH) Seale Several numerical calculations written by JHS 17 August 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101894
Mr Dennet wrote about his meeting with Mr Smith solicitor for the Company. This gave Lady J the impression that the Commissioners would have power to give her much more preference than it had got etc. H.Jodrell's letter the debt with 4% interest since May 1804 was about £60,000. Mr. D assured Lady J that Mr Fordyce having signed the Deed was of no consequence. HJ advised Lady J to get Council's opinion how far the Company could be compelled by Law or Equity to pay the Bond. Mr D said he would get the Solicitor General's opinion. Lady J wrote to Lord Carrington that the Commissioner's power to help was too limited. Lord C was impressed with the justice of Lady J's cause.

Seale 1734 Jane Jodrell to Mrs (P) Seale 24 August 1805 Saturday noon   19thC
DHRG No. 101895
Lady J promised to write the 'Sleeping Fair' but was very busy. Business reserved for John. Mr. Dennet out of Town for another week. Lady J felt better, writing much, reading & working at her tambour. Living alone: at Mrs Honge's most evenings 8-10pm. Mrs Y better, still far from well. Mr. Lynn gone north relaxing first time for 25-26 years. Mrs L took Lady J to call on Lady Twisden at the Duncans. Lady J offered Mr.Seal's carriage to Mrs. T. going to Dartmouth. A lady described Park Street, Bristol. Lady J admired Charles; anxious about military life. Expecting J.Fownes. No news of P's uncle, Bewicke who was well on leaving Buxton. Mr. Dennet mistaken about the Deed. Ld Castlereagh's duplicity, Best was to be told that the linen & books had arrived safely.

Seale 1735 (Mrs) S.Seale to Mr. Seale 25 September 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101896
Thanks for frank for sister, also for the game which arrived safe, but the last lot was very slovenly packed & nasty looking . Hopeful that the lot sent to Norton was better packed. Request for Molly Treby to make mushroom Catchup & mushroom powder for SS. The hurricane JS mentioned at the Lea was not felt at Slapton Sands. but it was noisier than London West End. Thanks for offer of supplies but not in want due to careful spending. JS was to fix when SS was due to return. John was out shooting & Paulina making calls. He intended to write in that frank, but unknown to him, Sir William, going out of Town, had to date it 25 Sept. so John unlikely to be back in time. Money given to Robert was for travelling expenses from Mt. Boone: he only had 1 guinea at Norton.

Seale 1736 J.H.Seale,Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 30 September 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101897
Charles arrived 29 Sept. about 1 pm with Lady J's packets. Her affairs well conducted by Capt.Stone. H. Jodrell needed to take the right steps with Fordyce. Capt S believed that the claim on the Company would stand in a Court of Law/ The minutiae between the India Company & Sir Paul J.needed to be explained to the Solicitor or General before taking his opinion, then JHS would like to see the case, when Lady J had all the necessary facts. JHS would get Best's opinion, more satisfactory to him than the Solicitor General, Lord W. Bentinck's unsigned letter to Mr. Kekewich spoke of injustice done to Sir PJ & family in the non-payment of his debt. Mr. Dennet should see Mr. Stones two very strong letters before making out the case for the Solicitor General. JHS would return all the papers buy Charles. (PS. by Paulina thanking Lady J. for her welcome letter 'Heaven bless you my dearest Mrs. Dissy')

Seale 1737 (Mrs) M.Adams to Presumably Charles Hayne (Lt. Col. Stewart) HP Vol. II P.48 1 October 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101898
Mrs Goodridge died about 4 o'clock 30 Sept. Charles Hayne & Rev. Adams joint Executors in trust for Mr. Southcote. CH's legacy was £100. Mrs. G had about £1100 in legacies & all the rest to Mr. Southcote. Mrs. Adams legacy was 10 guineas & a quarter of her plate & china. It was divided between Mrs. A, Mrs. Gest, Miss Newman & Mrs. Wolcot. Mr. Southcote was expected to come down 2 Oct. an excuse for CH to come home.

Seale 1738 Jane Jodrell to Capt. (JH) Seale 3 October Thursday noon ,Oct. 5 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101899
Interview with Mr. Dennet. R.P.Jodrell had no power to act till the Will of Sir Paul Jodrell was proved. The Commissioners needed the signatures of Lady J. & JHS before paying money. She thought Mr. Fordyce believed the Will had been proved, as Mr. D.thought he had signed as agent for others without sufficient authority. First a case should be drawn up for the opinion of the Solicitor General & Sergt. Best & then a memorial & remonstrance for the Court of Directors etc. Mr. Doon was enquiring into the terms on which the Company took the Nabob's Country. Capt. Bond & people from India urged action. The Company was very ungenerous. Dining with Capt. B. the next week, he said Mr. Chamier of the Madras Court was sure of success. Many disappointments. Thanks to Charles for his letters. Needed more than PS's from Paulina.

Seale 1739 J. Seale to Lady Jodrell 26 October Sent 28 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101900
Thanks for kind attention & encomiums upon Charles. Sorry the Solicitor General was so against the claim on the E.India Company. Claim good in point of Law. Need to be governed by the legal opinion, lawyers were very expensive. Sergt. Best friendly opinion was much respected. The case as Gibbs had given it needed support, if possible by the interposition of the Crown. Parliament would meet for business 21 Jan. Without their support success was doubtful, if so, a dead stand should be made to the payment of the debt out of the Bond etc. JS had no design of coming soon to Town. A great concern whether to engage or reject Mr. Fordyce. The Scotch influence in India not good. JHS & Paulina were well at Bristol 14 Oct. should then be at Liverpool. Blustery weather in Devon.

Seale 1740 J. Seale to Lady Jodrell 4 November 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101901
The Solicitor General's opinion was that Lady J had no legal claim on the E.India Company & no equitable remedy & that the Trustees in executing the Deed should submit to the Company's arrangement. Perhaps JHS was ill informed. It was important to find out in what way the Company became possessed of the Nabob's property & how much they were responsible for his debts. Problematical if any territory in the E.Indies belonged to the Company or the Crown. Counsel should be consulted first about this. The untoward news from the Continent might cause the King to call Parliament together sooner than expected. It was necessary to be prepared. The old & influence of the Crown was very desirable.

Seale 1741 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 6 November 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101902
Liverpool a miniature London, shops as good, prices more reasonable. Mrs. Seale sent baby's dress patterns from Exeter. P ignorant about her own clothes. Lady J requested to look in Town at ready made clothes & send also P's swan down tippet & spencer etc. Weather very cold. William Huish came to see them at the hotel. When Seale was on duty, WH waited with P. & dined & stayed to dinner. He sent a brace of partridges. He would bring Henry Denison some time to drink tea. P would send Dr. Gregory's 'Comparative View' when available. P met with 'Agripina' at Mr. Tollats's but did not finish it. P's drawings kept ? till they were to move to better lodgings. Hope for a piano in Liverpool like the excellent one at Bristol. Many concerts & oratorios and Mrs Greaves promised to take them to the famous Botanic Gardens. P had a cold. How was Jane? Love to Mrs. West.

Seale 1742 (Mrs)P Seale to (Lady Jodrell) 9 November 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101903
Just seen the Troops give a feu de joie in honour of the Victory, sat with Mrs. Benson, then walked with General B & his daughter Miss B to the billet(?). Liverpool a pleasant place, Lord Rolle came, he wanted to write some cards, Paulina gave him a pen, which he took a fancy to, so he would direct a letter for Lady Jodrell. Seale had the key of the desk, so Paulina only had a shabby sheet of paper to give him. The higher class were very attentive to them, the trades people very uncivil. The last regiments quartered there had behaved very ill so redcoats were suspect. Dinner was ready. Lord R & some officers Paulina expected, would drink tea and eat a sandwich with them in the evening. John only seen once since breakfast, he was well. Dining the next Tuesday with a Mrs. Bolton & on Thursday Seale dining with the Mayor. Paulina probably going to the Assembly with Miss Benson.

Seale 1743 Paulina Seale to (Lady Jodrell) 15 November 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101904
All things packed, then Capt. Symms, a single man volunteered to take his turn.first. Staying a month unless another detachment was ordered to Chester. Soon to have better lodgings. General. & Mrs. Benson & Miss B drank tea with Paulina then they went to a play. A Mrs.Gregson introduced at the Assembly called. Seale went shooting with Mr. Greaves, Paulina was due to dine with him & Mrs.G. 16 Nov. JHS & Paulina saw William Huish confined for 2 or 3 days with a violent cold, he was much better. Henry Denison not seen. Lady J should not stay in the house so much, she should visit Mrs. Yonge, hopeful she would join them in Devon. Any news of Mrs. West? Only written one short letter to Mr. Bond apart from those to Lady J. Capt. Bailey, Lady J knew in Durham, was then in Bristol, a Major in Father's Regt. Miss Wilkinson was in Bath so the courtship might resume. Just seen Mr. Elford. Regards to Mrs. Lynn & Miss Anderson.

Seale 1744 J.Seale to Lady Jodrell Answer 25 November 1805 (Index 107)   19thC
DHRG No. 101905
Remainder of Mr. Southcote's property to be sold on 10 Dec.1805 including the Cottage of Swannston on a hill 1/2 a mile away; very suitable with a little addition for Lady Jodrell; a good opportunity. JS & probably Mr. Bond would attend to what Lady J required - Robert was likely to go into the Duke of Cumberland's Regt. 15th Light Dragoons. Charles was at Portsmouth soon to sail. William Walcot died that Sunday of a paralytic seizure. Miss Bond very soon to be made happy.

Seale 1745 C.H.Seale to Lady Jodrell 27 November 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101906
The intended station was to be in the Mediterranean or off Lisbon where the Captain hoped to go. The ship was ready to go as soon as the Captain came aboard & there was a fair wind. Hope for plenty of prizes.

Seale 1746 P.Seale to Lady Jodrell 30 November 1805 Saturday (Index 108)   19thC
DHRG No. 101907
Patience exhausted after 2 or 3 unanswered letters. PS & JHS were both well. 28 Nov. Dined with the Mayoress: Night of 30 Nov.: engaged to be at a musical party there. 1 Dec. : dining with Mr. & Mrs Greaves, 2 Dec. at Mr. Brick's house, the Hazels, 8 miles away over rough roads, PS concerned. JHS had been subscribing to the concerts the famous Miss Tennant would be performing. Note from Miss Benson that the General would leave Liverpool for London 1 Dec: he would be calling on Mrs. S with Mr & Mrs B. the last time before her marriage. She disapproved of justice's & Parson's jokes.

Seale 1747 J H Seale to Lay Jodrell (30 November)   19thC
DHRG No. 101908
Just time to add to Paulina's letter with kind love. Hope illness had not prevented Lady J from writing.

Seale 1748 J.Seale to Lady Jodrell 15 December 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101909
Mr Bond seen in church. JS told him he had a vacancy for any letter etc. Mrs B chose to send to Lady J. Mr & Mrs B & their nieces of Belmont were well. JS unable to secure cottage at Swannerton for Lady J. Mr J Southcote or his wife or both eager to stay on there. It was in very bad repair. A site to build was not hard to get. Parliament put off till the 17th. Frost and snow, Lady J's house was very cold. Mr Charters gave a discourse at Townstall. Mrs Walcot as well as could be expected. The 'minc'd pyes' were just begun.

Seale 1749 Jane Jodrell to Mrs (P) Seale 20 December 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101910
Lady J very busy about the little caps, need to finish work on time. Pretty well after a cold & pain in the face. A marriage at Dartmouth Tuesday 3 December. Afterwards Mr & Mrs Charters, the Miss Anderson's & the whole party came to Norton to keep Bond company. Mrs B & Mr & Mrs Neck & Rivers & Old Sally had come to Torquay that day. Mr & Mrs B & Mr Neck very pleased with the match. Lady J hoped to see Genl. Benson before he returned to Liverpool having twice missed him. Mrs Bond said Mrs Seale had found a nurse for Paulina. Best & occasionally Mrs Fox should keep her happy. Mrs West was well. Paulina etc. seemed so gay at Liverpool, care was needed in her situation. J.Seale had complained about the cold house.

Seale 1750 J.H.Seale to Lady Jodrell 23 December 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101911
Sorry Lady J could not visit the family in Devon; aware of her need to be in London. Choice of two medicals (near Mt. Boone) to attend Paulina. She preferred Hunt. J.H.S. (evidently) preferred the other. P remarkably well, both monstrously busy. Unfortunately parting with Best. J.H.S. presumed Lady J. was ready to meet Parliament in the next session..

Seale 1751 Paulina Seale to Lady Jodrell 23 December 1805   19thC
DHRG No. 101912
Little worked cap and pattern received. The Doctor approved of, he tumbled out of a little flannel petticoat. Best wished to get her things from Devon & then go to London. Unless she chose to remain on PS's terms, it would be a useless expense paying for her journey from Devon to London. She could not bear to think of P.S. travelling with no attendant. Problems of travelling. No quarrel with Best. P.S. glad to keep her but wished she had a better place. Mr & Mrs Fortescue promised to dine with JHS and PS. JHS had rheumatism in his head, he was learning to skate..PS took Mrs. Green's little girl to a concert.