Conveyance of Mills   Commercial
DHRG No. 100001
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/010
Document Held: DRO Exeter

The town mills were conveyed to Holdsworth by Pollexfen and Julian his wife which Julian was the widow of – Roope. By lease 161 Ambrose Roope granted to the Town the water from Ford Meadow to the conduit in the Churchyard.

Between:- Arthur Holdsworth
Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough

Paid £450 to AH by Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough for 2 corn or water grist mills and 1 malt mill together with the mill pool and a certain Kay (quay) lately erected by – (sic) Wills late of Stoke Fleming yeoman deceased on north side on or near the Foss.

Also garden and stable at North ford at head of the Mill Pool and 2 closed of land or meadow at North Ford one on North side and one on South side of a close called North Ford which belong to the Mills litter (sic) together with mills, mill pool and 2 closed occupied by Richard Toms then John Ching then in possession of Cornelius Hayne Esq deceased.

Barrington House, Tracing its Past.   Commercial
DHRG No. 100002
Barrington House as it is now known (2013) has had a number of different names since it was built when it was called Park Villa reflecting the nature of the land it overlooked. It was also known variously as Townstal House & Townstal House Hotel then the Royal House Hotel followed by Barrington House Hotel dropping the Hotel when it was converted into apartments in 2012/13.

There is a record of the land being leased from Mr. Henry P.Seale and others to a Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1867, a conveyance from William Smith to Ralph Richardson in 1873, then conveyed to the Rev. John Aldous in 1880.

Three other villas were built about 1870 in the area, Redwalls, Ashleigh and Rook House. However Swinnerton Lodge dates from about 1830, and Boringdon (formerly Townstal Villa and Bexley) from about 1850.

The list of Conveyances shows various owners and lessees from 1936 to 1988, including Mr. Williams, Lt.Comm. and Mrs. Bryer (Fryer ?), Emily Linsdell, Mr. and Mrs. F.Baker, Sansum Investments, Mr. J.Pedersen, Mr. and Mrs. Pedersen and Mr. Hawke. During this time the house became a hotel. Mrs. Baker also mentions a Mr. Legge and a Mr. Royle (who named the hotel the Royal House Hotel) as later owners. In 2000 Mrs. Baldwin renamed the hotel as Barrington House Hotel.

Dartmouth Pubs & Inns   Commercial
DHRG No. 100011
Brief history of Inn & Pub owners or landlords in Dartmouth with some notes where available.
Most recent information may not be up to present date.

Hawke Ernest, Furnishers   Commercial
DHRG No. 100012
Summary of documents and covering letter by Ray Freeman relating to Ernest M Hawke of Duke St Dartmouth. from 1814 to 1973. PDF format.

Jesse Ceiling, Dartmouth   Commercial
DHRG No. 100013
Situated in one of Dartmouth’s finest buildings, No. 12 the Butterwalk this beautifully designed plaster ceiling depicting the Tree of Jesse is probably the only surviving Jesse plaster ceiling in the world.
It can be viewed by arrangement with Dartmouth Museum.

4 The Quay, a Town House   Commercial
DHRG No. 100015
A Devon town-house of 1664. A detailed document of the building which has a mixed Residential and Comercial use.

Lease for Cellars and Loft at Harnesse (Formerly Sykes)   Commercial
DHRG No. 100017
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/013
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Arthur Hunt, Redlap, Stoke Flemin – Merchant
Arthur Howe Holdsworth, Mt Galpine House, Dartmouth – Esquire
Rev Rob Holdsworth, Brookhill – Clerk
Hy Holdsworth, Hardness House – Esquire
Edmund Pollexfen Bastard, Kitley House
Mayor, Bailiffs and Burgesses of Borough of Darmouth
John Oldreive, Landcombe, Blackawton – Land Surveyor (nominated by and in trust for AH Holdsworth

Lease and release of 22 October 1772, Borough of Dartmouth to Thomas Taylor Esq. Sum of forty ______ (sic) punds paid by John Oldreive ___ for all that palace or courtlage and yard with the cellars and lofts and storehouses at Hardnesse which extend from the street to the water eastward as far as the eastside of the Pallace formerly of Arthur Champernowne Esq, 34 feet from the palace to the South and bounded by the lands of Arthur Champernowne Esq on North, the water on East, a small plot belonging to Parish of Townstal and the slip belongin to the Corporation on South and the street on West. All this property to John Oldreive from 25 March 1833 for 79 years on Trust for AH Holdsworth, rent of 5 shillings 4 times a year.

Plus seals and signatures.

Dartmouth Castle By Sgt T Lawson   Public
DHRG No. 100020
Document Held: Dartmouth Museum
A history of Dartmouth Castle c 1915 with extracts from other publications. PDF file.

Holdsworth letter to H Seale 1857   Public
DHRG No. 100021
Letter of May 1st, 1857 from A Holdsworth Governor of Dartmouth Castle to H Seale concerning an attempt by a unnamed person to remove him from office by stopping his salary. Letter gives details of the Governors of the castle during the Holdsworth period 1725 to 1807.

Dartmouth Cinema, A brief History   Public
DHRG No. 100022
A brief history of the Maxime, just one of several names the Dartmouth cinema had over many years.
Written by Dorothy Love who as a child would often sit with her grandmother in the ticket office.

George Aynge Master Gunner Dartmouth Castle   Public
DHRG No. 100023
Lieut George Aynge, on Half Pay, of the Royal Artillery Drivers to be Master Gunner at Dartmouth Castle, vice Struthers deceased, the appointment to commence from 1st March 1820.

Civil War & St Clements   Religious
DHRG No. 100024
Letter in reply to a query asking about bullet marks on the tower of the church, information on vicars and burial records. (See Burial Records).

Flavel Church, Dartmouth   Religious
DHRG No. 100025
Significant dates in its history 1662 to 1974.

St. Clements Church Townstal   Religious
DHRG No. 100026
Some notes on the history of the church.

St. Saviours Church Dartmouth   Religious
DHRG No. 100027
St Saviours, a brief history.

Congregational Church   Religious
DHRG No. 100028
A short account of the congregational church in Dartmouth.

Methodist Church   Religious
DHRG No. 100029
A brief history.

Baptist Church   Religious
DHRG No. 100030
History published in the 1950's

St. Petrox   Religious
DHRG No. 100031
A brief history.

Tithe rent charge claim by vicar of Townstal   Religious
DHRG No. 100032
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/014
Document Held: DRO Exeter
Meeting held. Present The Mayor, Aldermen Puddicombe, Cleland and Fox. Councillors Chalker, Hurrell, Egg, White. Wardens Ellis and Elford. The late Vicar of Townstal claimed a proportion of the Tithe Rent Charge of Townstal equivalent to tithes of pigs, geese, butter and cheese.

Report – In 1839 the whole of the Tithe Commutation Charge was awarded to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough and confirmed in 1840 and this should not be disturbed.

The Council have deeply mortgaged the Tithe Rent Charge.
The Vicar claims on behalf of: -
The Church
The Patron
The late Vicar
His successor
The Parishioners

The committee’s remarks.
In 1837 the Council sold the advowson on condition that they retained the tithes. No offer of compensation has been suggested by the Vicar.

Churches in Dartmouth   Religious
DHRG No. 100033
Churches and Religious organisations in Dartmouth view document

St Clements Craftsmen   Religious
DHRG No. 100034
Summary of artists, sculptures, stonemasons and manufacturers who have worked on St. Clements church.
(excluding General Printers and Publishers).

St Clements Church Memorials   Religious
DHRG No. 100035
List of names on Memorials Slab Etc within the church.

38 Newcomen Road (Deeds)   Residential
DHRG No. 100037
Deeds for 38 Newcomen Road (once owned by Dr. McConaghey).

Orleans, 24 Southtown   Residential
DHRG No. 100038
Deeds for ''Orleans'' No. 24 Southtown.

4 The Quay, a Town House   Residential
DHRG No. 100039
A Devon town-house of 1664. A detailed document of the building which has a mixed Residential and Comercial use.

Hawarden, Summary of Deeds   Residential
DHRG No. 100042
Summary of Deeds relating to Hawarden when in the ownership of Thomas Wilton.
See also DHRG publication No 19.

Deeds etc. deposited in the Museum by Mrs Lambert   Residential
DHRG No. 100043
Document Held: Dartmouth Museum.
Indenture made in 10/1/1828 between Sarah Dashper & Robert & Arthur Holdsworth.
Schedule of indentures dated 1718, 1728, 1746/7, 1802 giving names of previous owners including Newton, Francis Lydston, Hicks, Newcombe, Polly Gundry, Abraham.
List of Indentures of sales from 1735 to 1880
List of documents relating to Kelly's Gift (Trust) from 1635.

Westbourne, Vicarage Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 100045
Summary of deeds of Westbourne.

Summerland Browns Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 100060
A collection of deeds re house and gardens called Summerland at Browns Hill 1728 to 1864.

Conveyance of property in Lower Street   Residential
DHRG No. 100066
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/001
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Mr Robert Cranford to the Dartmouth Local Board of Health. £475 from Board of Health for 2 houses near churchyard on the west, a public street and premises owned by John Strike, innkeeper. On north partly by a public street and partly by public steps lately converted to a slopeway from New Quay to the church. On east by street leading to Lower Street. On south by lands of Robert Luke, previously in the possession of Pegg Maddick and Margaret Stephens or tenants and then Wm Ash Hawke, Gge Walter Bodley and Thom Lear as tenants. Premises lately taken down to improve and widen the streets.

Conveyance of House in Pillory Lane   Residential
DHRG No. 100067
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/007
Document Held: DRO Exeter

£70 paid to Robert Cranford by Town Council acting as Urban Sanitary Authority.

Treasurer – Richard Webber Egg
Mentioned;- Alexander Ridgeway
Public Health Act 1875

Dwelling bounded south side of Pillory Lane on north and east by dwelling property of Trustees of the Borough, on the south side by property of Alexander Ridgeway Esq, on west side by piece of land formerly a house taken down by Council for widening highway.

Valuation of the dwelling house late Lakes   Residential 19thC
DHRG No. 100068
Document Number: TO/Ad/Pr/009
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Oaths made by;-
Henry Joseph Holdsworth Esq – Mayor,
Robert Efford – Builder and Appraiser,
William Adams – Builder.
Visited the dwelling house in possession of Messrs Harris & Co and John Jennings to survey and estimate.
Valued at £20 per annum (rent), £350 for the term of 79 years. For further information for documents in this series see 103051 Guildhall Documents 1.

Sale of Seale property to H Mair. 1864   Residential
DHRG No. 100069
Document Held: Routley Family.
Sale of property by Henry Seale to Hugh Mair April 1864
This Indenture list many Dartmouth property’s sold by H Seale to Hugh Mair & possibly marks the ending of the Seale families affair with Dartmouth after several centuries. Also given are details of the occupants at that time. PDF File.

13 Clarence Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 100071

Assignment of Title of 1 house at New Quay   Residential
DHRG No. 100072
Document Number: TO/Ad/LE/026
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Mary Bastard, widow/executrix of John Bastard, to Thomas Lake pawnbroker(?), the western one of 2 houses near New Quay, including ground floor shop and office, for £177-10-0. Premises lately rebuilt.

Previous owners or adjoining owners referred to were Elizabeth Pottin, Staplehill, Adams, Roger Bidgood, Honor Hawkins dec’d.

Assignment of Lease of land at Mill Gullet   Residential
DHRG No. 100073
Document Number: TO/Ad/LE/027
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Assignment of Lease of land at Mill Gullet for up to 4 houses, by Thomas Bartlett Codner, Master R.N., and Joseph Lidstone builder to William Gregory victualler, 29 July 1856.

Land measuring 74 ft. e-w. and between 27 ft. and 56 ft. n-s, bounded by house/garden of Charles Campion Jones, highway and millpond.

Consideration £250 plus £175 = £425.

Indenture and schedule A Ridgeway   Residential
DHRG No. 100074
Document Number: TO/A D/L E/039
Document Held: DRO Exeter

Alexander Ridgeway of Shepherd A in the parish of Blackawton Covent with Dartmouth local Board of Health formed in 1858. Reference to several Indenture this previously made between the Board of Health and Richard Webb Egg treasurer, and A Ridgeway really arched cellars at Bearcove, land and hereditament conveyed to a A Ridgeway with that other hereditament.

Schedule:- List history of the various properties from 1835. Names mentioned:-Amos Peek, John Caddy, John Brown Smith, Joseph Wills, Joseph Love, Jane Efford, William Hockin, Robert Loney, Walter Prdeaux, Hodge, Perring, Thomas Holdsworth Brooking, Thorn, Gray, Steer, Mitchelmore, Lewis, Henry, Lamble, and others.

From 1802., Hayman Codner, New house in Higher Street and Newcomen Road. From 1845:- Codner Thompson Symonds, Earle, Neck.

15 Brown’s Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 100078
A history of 15 Brown's Hill, otherwise known as Slippery Causeway, Dartmouth

The Manor House, Southtown   Residential
DHRG No. 100079
A history of the Manor House, Southtown

The Keep History   Residential
DHRG No. 100091

23 & 25 Ridge Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 100095
Notes on the History of 23 and 25, Ridge Hill.

Old Dartmouth Street Names   Land     Places and Streets     Town Administration 18thC 19thC 20thC
DHRG No. 100128
Previous names of Dartmouth streets and roads. This list is still under development and subject to amendment. If you have any information that may help us please contact us.

Tithe Map of Townstal 1840. Extracts   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100158
Extracts from Apportionment Book for Tithe Map, Townstal 1840.

Seale 0032 Indenture 1724   1600-1749     Mount Boone House     Residential     Seale Family Papers 18thC
DHRG No. 100190
Mrs. Seale & son trust Deed to Captain Pipon of part of Mt. Boon etc.---------
Witnessed by:- John Seale John Pipon Jo. Russell Tho. Pering.

Seale 0033 Inventory 20 Oct. 1724   1600-1749     Mount Boone House     Residential     Seale Family Papers 18thC
DHRG No. 100191
At Norton & Mount Boon.. Livestock Deadstock. eg. Hay, Clover Hay and Clover Husbandry. Household good at Norton. At the houses at The Higher Norton. At the Lime Kiln. Household goods at Mount Boon etc. Signed by:- Elizabeth Seale John Seale Thomas Pipon Witnessed by:- John Pipon Jo Russell Tho Pering.

The Wilton Memorial to Dartmouth Men who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.   Commercial     First World War     Residential     Social History 20thC
DHRG No. 102731
Images of booklet on the history of the Wilton Memorial, endowed by Sir Thomas Wilton, Mayor of Dartmouth 1914-1919. Author not given, published 1930. Endowment covered Cromwell House, Fairfax Place, and two residential houses in Victoria Road. Details given in booklet.

Map of Brown’s Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 102904

Bonfill-Mayne Indenture   Residential
DHRG No. 102905

Royal Avenue Gardens, Parks and Pleasure Grounds of Dartmouth   Land 20thC
DHRG No. 102915
Article by Jackie Wallace, granddaughter of Mr F Johns, First Borough Gardener, and daughter of Mr W Johns, Second Borough Gardener, describing her father and grandfather's work to develop Dartmouth's gardens and open spaces.

Compulsory Purchase of house in Lower Street known as Luke’s House   Residential 19thC
DHRG No. 102940
TO/Ad/Pr/011 - 1876 (for further details on documents in this series see 103051 Guildhall Documents 1). Property purchased by Dartmouth Town Council for street improvement.

Indenture,1814   Residential 19thC
DHRG No. 102941
Indenture between Arthur Bailey Harris and others, 1814, land near Milton Green, Townstal. Transcript. See Guildhall Documents 1, 103051.

17 Ridge Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 102954
House History

In The Beginning   Land     Social History 20thC
DHRG No. 102984
Memories of the Royal Avenue Gardens & other Town Gardens and open spaces, by W E Johns Town Gardener who came to Dartmouth in 1904 and succeeded his father, Mr F Johns, in the role. Date of article unknown.

Castle Estate Sale Document 1903   Dartmouth Amateur Swimming Club     Land     Social History 20thC
DHRG No. 102985
Transcript of indenture of sale 18 December 1903 of Castle estate from heirs of Hugh Mair to Town Council for "inhabitants and visitors of said borough ... to have the use and enjoyment ... for purposes of recreation" (plan mentioned not included).

Letters from Mary Godfrey to her children, 1884   Everyday Life     Religious     Social History 18thC 19thC
DHRG No. 102995
Two letters written by Mary Eliza Godfrey nee Giles (born 1795 in Tavistock) who married Joseph James Godfrey, Surgeon, of Liverpool, on 4th January 1821 in Chatham. Lived in Chatham and Liverpool, brother William Giles was Dickens' first schoolmaster in Chatham.The first letter recalls her grandparents and early life in Tavistock with a brief mention of Dartmouth. The second letter is an account of her life in Dartmouth from 1799 until 1810, where her father, William Giles senior, was the Baptist Minister.

Summary of Indentures re 12 Townstal Crescent and Mt.Boone Estate/Townstal Farm   Commercial
DHRG No. 103015
The information in this item has been subsumed into DHRG Archive Item #103016.

Summary of indentures for 12 Townstal Crescent, Mt. Boone Estate & Townstal Farm   Residential 19thC 20thC
DHRG No. 103016
These document summaries are from the Deeds of No 12 Townstal Crescent & relate to the sale of part of the Seale Estate to the Trustees of Edward W W Raleigh in 1873. This included Mount Boone, most of Townstal north of Townstal Road & Townstal Farm, and became known as the Raleigh Estate. The land was specified as "all those the Manors or Lordships of Norton Dawnay and Bosomzeale in the County of Devon, and also all the several messuages farm lands, Steam Floating Bridge, right to take tolls and other hereditaments". Dartmouth Council bought the land forming Townstal Crescent in 1929 and 12 Townstal Crescent was sold to Charles Green, printer, in 1930.

Newcomen Lodge or Cottage Ridge Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 103017
Summary of papers relating to conveyancing transactions for the above mentioned property between the 2nd August 1867 and 1960.The papers arrived by post (London postmark), in a large parcel, with no accompanying letter. The parcel was addressed to the archivist Dartmouth Town Council.The property is thought by some to building material salvaged from Thomas Newcomen in Lower St.

DHRG No. 103018
Notes on Deeds of Above Town Manor House

Southtown Manor Indenture   Residential
DHRG No. 103019
Letter from Ray Freeman to Mrs E. Rust10a Thorney Lane SouthRichings Park

The Keep   Residential
DHRG No. 103020
Letter from Mrs Ray Freeman to owners Mr & Mrs Murray with a very brief summary of the history by Philip Pensabene, a previous owner.

DHRG No. 103021
John Aylett is an archeology graduate. He starts the story with the opinion that there are possible Saxon remains in the area and other items of more recent vintage.c2000

Sandquay Woods – An 18th Century Pleasure Garden.   Land
DHRG No. 103022
When you want to enjoy some magical scenery take a beautiful walk through Sandquay Woods on the edge of the water of Old Mill Creek. The approach from Townstal by Archway leads to a car park in which there is a useful map and Interpretation Board. There are good paths after recent restoration by the Dart Estuary Environment Management with the permission of Hole Farm Estates.

Week Cottage   Residential
DHRG No. 103023
Which school would the children from the cottage have gone to?

Window dispute Duke Street   Commercial
DHRG No. 103024
1. Allen Macey of DM, draper 2. William Robert Creed of DM. gent and Robert Lewis Fox of DM. accountant.(executors of will of Robert Moysey Mortimore, deceased)Allen Macey is owner of an adjacent property in Duke Street to R.M.Mortimore, and has opened a new window in his western wall, causing disputes between the parties.

Combecote Ridge Hill   Residential
DHRG No. 103025
The remarkable history of a Dartmouth house - Combecote, formerly Belmont.

Gunfield Bathing House & near by public Bathing Station   Residential
DHRG No. 103029
This small chapel like building lies in a small cove on the castle side of what was once the Gunfield hotel. The building near by was built as a public bathing station & later became the residence for the Castle Estate gardener.

St Clares Chapel, Clarence Hill   Religious
DHRG No. 103030
Indenture Tripartite 1784 and location map between Thomas Taylor of the first part, Arthur Holdsworth of the second part &, John Seale Esquire Henry Imbrey Esquire Arthur Holdswoth Esquire Andrew Pinson John Teage William Teage William Newman Richard Honey George Yarde Sparke Richard Hutchings and William Geaves Merchants Henry Land John Oliver George Dolling and Edmund Pearce Banfill of the third part

Old Vicarage, Southtown 2   Residential
DHRG No. 103069
Indenture of three parts between Thomas Floud, the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Ann for the augmentation of poor clergy & Rev John Mathew Glubb curate of St Petrox. 1824

Parade House   Commercial
DHRG No. 103078
Chronicle article on large unusual building the Quay & Duke Street

Summary   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100046
Deeds relating to No 15 Ridge Hill from 1810 to 1922.

Christopher-Gibbs   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100051

Gibbs-Banfield   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100052

Gibbs-Mayne   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100053

Kelly-Hockin   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100054

Kelly-Mayne 1861   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100055

Lidstone-Martin 1889   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100056

Teage-Lidstone R   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100057

Teage-Newman F   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100058

Tax Form   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100059

£80 Indenture   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100093

Sale Notice   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 100094

15 Ridge Hill Indenture   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 103101
Image of a Indenture dated August 1864

15 Ridge Hill Abstract of Title September 1810.doc   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 103103
Displayed in 9 images

15 Ridge Hill Deeds 1806 displayed as 9 images   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 103104

15 Ridge Hill April 1848   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 103105
Displayed as 7 images

15 Ridge Hill February 1848   15 Ridge Hill     Residential
DHRG No. 103106
Displayed as 4 images

Conveyance Morocco House 1923 Miss Stone to Mr Dunning   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100081
Miss H P Stone to Mr J R J Dunning

Morocco House Indenture 1924   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100082

Indenture 1930   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100083
Indenture between National Provincial Bank & Richard Dunning, Morocco House.

Conveyance March 1932   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100085
Conveyance R Dunning to W Peters. Morocco House. Includes legal charges.together with conveyance Peters to Knowles on the same date.

Title deeds 1934   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100086
Abstract of title deeds Morocco House. W Peters. Displayed as 8 images.

Conveyance 1935   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100087
W Peters to R Lambert, Morocco House. Deeds displayed as 3 images.

Conveyance of Morocco House 1981   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 100088
Conveyance from D Emmerton to Mr & Mrs Ian Bailey

Morocco House Hanna Pitts 1911   Morocco House     Residential
DHRG No. 103070

Conveyance Summary   Mount Boone House     Residential
DHRG No. 100061
Conveyance of Mount Boone Estate, lately conveyed by Mary Harris, widow, to John Scale, 20/10/1725.
Indenture of Conveyance between 1. Mrs Elizabeth Seale, widow, mother & guardian of John Seale, an infant under 21, viz. aged 19 years, and 2. Capt. Thomas Pipon, brother of E. Seale and uncle of John Seale.

Mount Boone House Conveyance 1724 – Image of Original   1600-1749     Mount Boone House     Residential     Seale Family Papers 18thC
DHRG No. 100062
Image of document.

Mount Boone House Conveyance   Mount Boone House     Residential
DHRG No. 100063
Image of schedule of contents

Mount Boone house Conveyance   Mount Boone House     Residential
DHRG No. 100064
A History.

Leases   Butterwalk     Commercial
DHRG No. 100004
Precis of leases for the Butterwalk in the 17th Century.

History   Butterwalk     Commercial
DHRG No. 100005
Part of a draft document on the history of the Butterwalk.

Butterwalk restoration   Butterwalk     Commercial
DHRG No. 100006
Letter from Ray Freeman to the Dartmouth Chronicle pointing out several inaccuracies in a recent article

Restoration of the Butterwalk   Butterwalk     Commercial
DHRG No. 103102
Celebration dinner to mark the completion of the restoration of the building after it was damaged in WW2.

Deeds Royal Oak   Commercial     Royal Oak
DHRG No. 100008
Summaries of Deeds re Bayards Restaurant

Census   Commercial     Royal Oak
DHRG No. 100009
Royal Oak Public House in Census of 1861

Directory Entries   Commercial     Royal Oak
DHRG No. 100010
Directory Entries for Royal Oak Public House

Townstal Area   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100129

Townstal. Coombe Area   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100130

Townstal. Warfleet Area   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100131

Townstal Apportionments – Lines 1 to 733   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100132

Stoke Fleming East   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100133

Stoke Fleming West   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100134

Stoke Fleming Apportionments – Lines 1 to 1324   Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments
DHRG No. 100135

Blackawton & Strete (North)   Blackawton     Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments     Villages 19thC
DHRG No. 100136

Blackawton & Strete (South – Strete)   Blackawton     Land     Maps     Tithe Maps and Apportionments     Villages 19thC
DHRG No. 100137

1906 Charity Commission Report (extract)   Commercial     Dartmouth Charities     Residential     Social History 20thC
DHRG No. 102757
Extracts from 1906 Charity Commission Report on Dartmouth Charities, schedule of Property, Tenants, Income, Terms etc. The charities are not named.

Abbreviations   Commercial     Shop and Businesses
DHRG No. 103134
List of abbreviations used in Shops & Businesses archive files No's 103121, 103122

Dartmouth Shops & Businesses North   Commercial     Shop and Businesses
DHRG No. 103135
Record of Dartmouth Shops & Businesses over time, updated as new information comes to light. Broadstone, Browns Hill, Coombe Rd, Coombe Tce, Coombe, Coronation Park, Church Rd , Clarence St, Clarence Hill, College Way, Collingwood Rd, Higher Victoria Road, Ivatt Rd, Mayors Ave, Mount Boone, Nelson Rd, N Embankment, Ridge Hill, Silver St, Townstal Rd, Townstal Crescent,

Dartmouth Shops & Businesses Central   Commercial     Shop and Businesses
DHRG No. 103136
Record of Dartmouth Shops & Businesses over time, updated as new information comes to light. Duke St, Anzac Street, Collaford lane, Church Close, Fairfax Place, Higher St, Palladum Arcade, Palladum Mews, St Saviours/Hanover Square, Flavel & Raleigh St, Foss Street, Smith Street, Uniom St Lower Victoria Rd, (Inc Victoria Tce, Carlton Tce, Wilsdene Tce, Pebble Tce, Spring Bank), Market St, Market Square & Inner Market.

Dartmouth Shops & Businesses South   Commercial     Shop and Businesses
DHRG No. 103137
Record of Dartmouth Shops & Businesses over time, updated as new information comes to light. Above Town, Bayards Cave, Bayards Hill, Castle Road,Castle Green,, Waterpool Lane, Crowthers Hill, Lower Street, Newcommen Rd, South Town, , Southford Rd, Hauley Rd, Oxford St, S Embankment,

Programme for DHRG event “A History of Dartmouth in Four Houses” 2023   Residential 16thC 17thC 18thC 19thC 20thC 21stC
DHRG No. 103199
Handout to audience members for the DHRG event at the Flavel on Saturday 18 November 2023 entitled "A History of Dartmouth in Four Houses". The houses researched were: 4 The Quay; 46 South Ford Road; Coombe Villa, Coombe Terrace; and 20 Crossparks.